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How do I make a home insurance claim?

Before starting a claim, please:

  • Make sure your property is safe and secure and you've prevented any further damage if you can (e.g. if safe, turn off water and electricity if a pipe has burst)
  • Call the police if there has been any theft or attempted theft, break-in or vandalism to your home
  • Take pictures if you can
  • Keep any damaged goods

Ready to make your claim?

  1. Contact your Service Specialist and let them know about the loss. You'll need to supply information about:
    • The circumstances
    • What was lost or damaged
  2. We'll assign a Claims Adjuster (at no cost to you) to coordinate the claim with you.
  3. If needed, we can help you get temporary repairs made to prevent further damage and get life back to normal as soon as possible.

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